My daughter absolutely loved practicing her reading with Benny the Dachshund! The pictures were super cute with a great message! We can't wait to see more from Benny! S, R.

This book will be an entertaining, captivating story for any young reader. Not only are the illustrations adorable, but they also bring more life into the book to ensure that any reader will enjoy following along. Therefore, this is the perfect book to encourage and foster a love for reading. P. C. R.

This is an awesome children’s book! Benny is such a cute dog, the illustrations where great. I recommend this book to anyone, because it’s just really grabs kids attention and they absolutely love it!!  K.H.

I really enjoyed it! It told a great story and was written very well, especially for

younger students.  The pictures were

also a great touch! 

M. B.

This book is a great piece of art! I think it has great lessons and examples for young children. When both the girl and dog are in doubt, they seek guidance and pray to God. Truly a beautiful story that teaches the value and importance of family. J. D.

Such a great story, and the illustrations are so cute. I read it with my 7 year old brother and he absolutely adored Benny! Definitely a great book for younger children! J. H.

This story deals with feelings many children experience. I love the way Holly and Benny help each other and remind the reader that God is always there.  M. R.