• Cheryl Rae Johnson

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Bright and early on June 1 of this year, I received a text from my sister in New Orleans which said simply:

"Happy beginning of hurricane season. The most wonderful time of the year."

We exchanged a few texts and a few laughs over this. We have a warped sense of humor! Both of us have experienced devastating hurricanes. My first was Rita in 2005. This storm caused major damage to our area, but received little coverage due to another raging storm that pummeled New Orleans a month earlier, where my sister lost almost everything. Since then, there's been Ike, Harvey, Imelda - they seem to be getting closer together.

For six months out of the year when I drive to work, the Texas highway sign flashes the message, "Hurricane Season-Be Prepared." I've lived here for eighteen years, and I must confess I barely notice the sign. After experiencing so much devastation, why doesn't that sign make more impact?

Life is like that. The sun shines. No storms in sight. But warning signs scream to get our attention. Be prepared. A storm is brewing. It's hurricane season. Instead, we trudge forward and wonder why the storm blindsides us.

While our area was still recovering from the devastation of Harvey, we faced Imelda. We barely had any time to process Imelda when a major explosion in a nearby plant caused more damage. I'm sure my daughter and I are just two of many homes still in the process of getting repairs completed.

Hurricane Rita set off a series of personal hurricanes for my family which impacted us for years. Some of these storms we could not have been prepared for, but some we could and should have. God doesn't want us to face storms unprepared, whether they are literal storms or life storms. Seek God daily. Pray for wisdom. Read his word. Know his word!

Two days ago, Tropical Storm Marco was headed toward us, and Tropical Storm Laura was headed toward my sister, still in New Orleans. But in both the world of 2020 and hurricanes, nothing is as it should be. As I write this, Marco, now a hurricane, is headed to New Orleans, and Laura, expected to be a category 2 when it makes landfall, is headed here. By tomorrow, who knows where or what they will be. Oh wait - God knows! So I will leave everything in his hands.

"Trust in the Lord forever, for the Lord God is an everlasting rock." Isaiah 26:4

Stay safe everyone! And keep those pets safe too!

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