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God is Good!

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

When we moved here in 2002, Holly was five years old, just a few months shy of her sixth birthday. One of the first friends Holly made was an outgoing, dog loving girl named Emily. Emily and Holly became fast friends and have stayed friends through the tough teen years and now are still fast friends as young married women.

One reason may be because of a passion they share for their furry friends.

When Emily was five, she met her first love, Casper. Emily and Casper grew up together, partners in crime as youngsters will be. Casper might enjoy a cranky, lazy day, yet if Emily had a mind to push him down the slide, he was all in.

Twelve years of memories didn’t seem enough when Casper succumbed to illness and left Emily alone and distraught. Casper grew up with Emily, confidants, best friends, soul mates. Part of Emily left her and no feeling can explain the emptiness.

The trauma of losing a pet is often enough to make one never want to experience that pain again. But the love a pet brings – now that’s a different story entirely!

Emily mourned hard for Casper. After a week, Emily’s mom

Cyndee drug her puffy eyed teenager out of the house for some comfort food and a “Mom Talk.” When the conversation of another dog came up, Emily balked. With the pain still raw and memories fresh, how could Emily love another dog the way she loved Casper? Unthinkable! You never replace one dog with another, but God's beautiful creatures are powerful at healing. “Just take a look,” Cyndee told her daughter. Cyndee found a litter of Yorkiepoo’s, a poodle and Yorkie mix and she showed Emily a picture of one of the little boys. “Hmm,” thought Emily. “He is hard to resist.” Emily thought she would just LOOK and that is all.

Cyndee and Emily soon found themselves staring at the fluffy Yorkiepoos. The girls were cute, but oh, this one little boy puppy, with his black and white ball of fluff, stared

at Emily as if claiming her instantly. She knew he would be coming home with her.

Tobi, Emily's name for her new puppy, is gentle and cuddly, but also feisty just like Casper could be. Tobi taught Emily the power of healing and the ability to love through hurt. Tobi isn’t just another family dog. He embodies God’s love and goodness. After Emily decided on his name, she looked up the meaning for Tobi. And there it was: God is good. And why should we doubt that?

We may think in a world of big problems, God doesn’t care about losing a pet. We may think God has more important things to consider than healing a hurt over a small little dog. Not only does God care, God provides. God provided for Emily, and God provided for Tobi. If you have lost a pet and are nervous about getting another one, don’t be. I feel quite certain there is a “Tobi” waiting for you who needs you just as badly as you need him.

By the way, when you get to the end of Benny Finds a Home, you’ll notice that Benny helps Holly make a new friend when Benny runs into another dog. Yeah, that’s this Emily.

God is indeed good!

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