The Benny Story



Sometimes help comes where you least expect it. For us, that help came in the form of a small dog.  We searched the Internet and found the perfect dog, a miniature dachshund. When we saw the picture of him, we knew instantly he was ours. He was the perfect help for our family at the perfect time.


Bentley (his formal name) is a member of the family, and with his head  cocked to one side, appearing to be deep in thought, we could just imagine what he was thinking! We began to say things that sounded like children’s book titles,things like “Benny takes a vacation,” “Benny has a birthday” and “Benny meets Grandma.” These were real events that Bentley experienced. I started imagining these stories and writing them in my head. It was time to get them out of my head and onto paper. Thus, The Benny Books were born.

The first book weaves fact and fiction together to tell the story of how Benny needed a home just as badly as we needed Benny. 


                                    I invite you to fall in love with Benny!